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Now Wi-Fi is getting famous and many people prefer to use Wi-Fi internet for various reasons and main reason is it is cheap. In the same time, multiple users can use internet from same connection. Wi-Fi internet is very friendly and to use the Wi-Fi connection, you need to have a smartphone and tablet PC with Wi-Fi feature included. You can buy a cheap smartphone with the Wi-Fi feature included. Now you can enjoy to use internet without any wired connection. If you want to setup Wi-Fi connection, then you have to buy a router and you can do this from online store.
Now you can use a router for establishing the Wi-Fi connection and this is why, you have to buy a router. You can order the router from online. The router will convert your wired internet to wireless internet. You do not need to buy additional internet connection or wireless internet from mobile operator to use internet in smartphone. By the $30, you can buy a router which will be fine for home and small office area. I suggest users to buy a router from popular brands and Linksys is my first choice. The reputation of the router of Linksys is awesome. This is very trusted company. However, some routers including Linksys use a default IP address and for Linksys or other networking devices use default IP address but users made a mistake and they type This is a false IP address for networking devices. This is why, users cannot login to the router and get error message.
Without login to the router control, it is impossible to enable Wi-Fi or wireless internet. But for using the false IP address, users cannot login to the device and setup internet. When user wants to type the but by mistake, they type and the IP address becomes false and it has no use. Although, both IP addresses look similar but those are different and you need to know the differences between those IP address. According to the IP address formation, you need to use numbers and dots in the IP address and you cannot use anything else in the IP address. Now many users ask a common question, then why the IP address becomes false. In this IP address, the user changed the IP address class. Later I will discuss about IP address class of the private IP address.
Private IP address is used in the networking devices and those IP addresses are from different classes. For the private IP addresses, there are three types of classes and those denotes by A, B and C. Most of the routers use IP address from class C. The Class C IP address starts with 192.168. If you make any change in this part, the total IP address will be false. The user made this mistake in the IP address and the IP address becomes false. The IP address should be made with numbers and dots. You cannot use letter, word, any symbol or space in the IP address. More or less dots than 3 dots in the IP address make the IP address false.
You cannot make any mistake in the IP address class. You do not need to change the IP address class 192.168 but if you use 168.192 with the IP address, then the browser cannot identify the IP address. There is no device which use IP address This is why, the browser will send error message. You need to use on the browser address bar and hit on the Enter button, then you can log in to the device. You will get a log in screen to pop up where you have to put the username and password. Then you can login to the device control panel otherwise you cannot access the control. You need to login to the router if you want to enable Wi-Fi and setup all necessary settings including Wi-Fi security. Before using the correct IP address, you should clean the browser history.
However, the IP address is also correct for the Window internal IP address. It is one of the IP address of the Windows Private IP address range. This IP address is used in the windows as an address of the computer. This IP address has no related with DHCP server or the router. If you use this IP address on the browser, then browser cannot identify this IP address.
After login to the router, you will get various options for Wi-Fi and router. You have to setup internet from the control panel of the router. You can try to use the false IP address again and this is why, you should you can put the false IP address in the router. When you replace the IP address with the wrong IP address, then you will get warning message. However, some routers are different. So, you should forget the false IP address and think about the correct IP address.
You do not need to change the default unless you face IP address confliction problem. In this case, same IP addresses are used in the networking devices in the same network. If you do not solve this IP address, then those devices cannot run for the IP address confliction. You have to change the IP address from those devices if you want to use internet with all of those devices. You can use any IP address from the IP address range to You cannot put any IP address from out of the IP address range.
For various reasons, you may need to reset the router and you can do this by pressing the router reset button. Your all of the default information will blow away when you press the reset button from the router. You need to use default data like IP address, username and password for log in to the router and you can configure the device. From the router manual, you can learn more about reset button.
All of the users should be smart and for being smarter, they should read the router manual. There is no any better option for you to learn about your router. There are many blogs but I suggest users to learn from the manual and then follow this article. I think the users will not make any mistake related with the IP address. For other purposes, the router user can visit other blogs including the YouTube.com and Manufacturing websites. If the device has difficulty for the hardware issues, then the user should take the device to vendor.